YAMAHA NS-1000/NS-1000M 12in Woofer JA-3058A


YAMAHA NS-1000/NS-1000M Beryllium Dome Midrange JA-0801


YAMAHA NS-1000/NS-1000M Beryllium Tweeter JA-0513


1974 sale 108,000/each ~750usd/each (1 unit, around 1978) 119,000 (1 unit, around 1993)

System:3 ways 3 speakers airtightness system bookshelf type
Use unit:It is low the for limits: 30cm cone type (JA-3058A)For middle limits: 8.8cm dome type (JA-0801)For high pass: 3.0cm dome type (JA-0513)
Playback frequency zone:40Hz - 20kHz
Crossover frequency:500Hz, 6kHz and 3 way-12dB/oct
Lowest resonance frequency:40Hz
Impedance:8 Ω
Output overpressure value:90dB/W/m
Rated input (JIS continuation):50W
Maximum permissible input:100W
Level controller:Medium treble and continual variable type
External size:Width 375 height 675 depth 326mm
Mid-range level control : 3dB continuous
Treble level control : 3dB continuous
Tweeter : 3cm (JA-0513)
Mid-range : 8,8cm (JA-0801)
Woofer : 30cm (JA-3058A, NS1000M)
Finish : black semi-gloss (NS1000M)

Throwing the Yamaha individual technology of the origin and the beryllium diaphragm etc. of the basic idea that it probably will make those which are regularly used to be long as reference the speaker system which was developed.It was sold 23 years to 1997 over the long period of time when you say from 1974, it was used with the Swedish government-managed broadcast and the Finnish government-managed broadcast as the monitor speaker.
The beryllium diaphragm is adopted for the diaphragm of medium high pass.This diaphragm applies electron beam vacuum vapor deposition method and the special alloy technology which are used for LSI manufacturing technology, being something which succeeds in development with individual technical power, in order to produce in the high vacuum, chemical compound is less than those which it finishes with the rolling plate actualizes high purity.In addition, to one time atomic condition or a plasma condition after in order to evaporate, with contraction formation difficult deep dome shape and those etc. which have the tangential edge, have become production possible.Furthermore, harmfulness in the atmosphere it has succeeded in also protecting from the components by administering special coating to the beryllium material which is easy to corrode with thickness of approximately 5 microns.Low JA-3058A which is the 30cm cone type woofer is loaded in the limits.The corrugation being attached cone paper which was developed from experience of the accumulation of long time material research is adopted to the diaphragm.
In addition double coating is done the cloth which can use the visco-elastic polymers of the thermosetting metaplasia resin and the resonance holding down to the edge, raises the linearity for the input signal.We adopt the ferrite magnet 156 φ to the magnetic circuit, voice coil has become edge wise volume of the copper ribbon line.JA-0801 which is 8.8cm dome type スコーカー is loaded in the middle limits.The beryllium diaphragm of the diaphragm diameter 68mm by Yamaha individual manufacturing method is adopted. In addition in the edge the tangential edge of the double coating which impregnation it could point the visco-elastic polymers and the thermosetting metaplasia resin which are the research result at the time of the software dome opening departure of NS-690 and the like is adopted, sufficient form retention central retention ability is obtained without impairing the merit of beryllium.

In addition, voice coil adopts the large aperture 66 φ, assures the increase of efficiency by the fact that it makes copper ribbon line edge wise volume.As for this vibrating system in order, for pneumatics of back of each part such as the beryllium diaphragm voice coil edge to become identical, the design which is considered is done. Diaphragm back leads to the center pole scooping out back cavity, voice coil back boring the air hole through the sabot of the magnetic circuit, has passed to the back cavity. In addition back of the edge furthermore boring the air hole through also the outer pole, via the air hole of the voice coil bobbin, has let escape the air of the edge.The magnetic circuit has adopted the large-sized magnet 156 φ, obtaining flux density 16,000gauss, it has improved transient quality.In order increase of rigidity of the diaphragm and to assure the improvement of directivity, the dome type whose radius of curvature is small is adopted. You hold down the valley by the interference which because of this to quality on the axis outside zone happens, by adopting the diffuser, extend quality on the axis to possible limit wide area, to have improved being connected near crossover frequency of the eater.To 3.0cm dome type JA-0513 which is the eater is loaded in high pass.

We adopt the 23mm lightweight diaphragm which is called below weight 0.03g which utilizes the characteristic of the beryllium material to the diaphragm, we adopt the tangential edge of the cloth make which the visco-elastic polymers and the thermosetting metaplasia resin double coating is done, hold down unnecessary resonance.Voice coil diameter is adopted, the aluminum wire edge wise volume of 23mm and beryllium diaphragm direct connection is finished lightweight type even altogether vibration.In addition to NS-690 converting, the center pole of the back space of the voice coil which is the research result of the eater and the like tapered, you hold down the influence of resonance e.g., in non- fairing, it fills up the urethane for sound absorbtion.Not only check of electric quality, the basic actual listening impression is seriously considered in the design of the network section, the audition is decided over again with cutting and trying.The ホルマール line 1.0 φ is used to the woofer circuit, and decrease of direct current resistance and improvement of resistance input characteristics are assured with the adoption of the large aperture ferrite core entering bobbin.
In addition スコーカー, to large-sized ones whose resistance input characteristics of the double winding are good are adopted to アッテネーター which sets the level of the eater.The enclosure with the bookshelf type 4 surface finish of perfection airtightness, has adopted the design of black finish.With NS-1000M, front baffle 24mm, the particle board of 20mm is adopted to rear board 25mm, the side plate, the top board and the sabot. Furthermore transferring the 24mm thick plywood to the rear board on top of the woofer installation hole, it makes the firm stiffener, administers appropriate reinforcement to the various parts.The finish the cross net is not with has become the black semi- gloss finish.

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